Tuesday, October 16, 2007

You've Got To Ask Yourself a Question: Do I Feel Lucky? Well, do ya punk?

Okay, I'm probably channeling a little extra Dirty Harry today because my dad is having surgery. After the dawn of the VCR, my dad, brother, and I watched every Clint Eastwood movie made... Please forgive my action movie sentimentality this morning.

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And I hope everyone is feeling lucky- or will be soon- because Jeremiah at Zrecs has dreamed up a great new online resource. Meet PRIZEY, it's a blog catalog of parent-friendly online contests. Prizey sorts out all the cruft (like linkback contests) and offers a calendar of upcoming contest deadlines. Jeremiah, like some new Professor X, has assembled a big team of mutant bloggers (including me) who search the interwebs for great contests.

And, in the course of setting up Prizey, I've already won a Little Capers Superhero t-shirt with removable cape (...for Ranger, because they don't come in adult sizes).

Don't forget to enter our contest for Siente (an awesome nocturnal cd) while you're at it.

Good luck, everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Good thoughts for your dad!