Thursday, June 07, 2012

Keeping on Track: Log Medicine Doses on the Bottle

I taped this label above the pharmacy label.
In the past year, our household has taken more medicine than ever. It seems at least one of our kids has needed a course of medication at least once a month for the past calendar year.

This is a lot for my tired mind to manage, so I've stolen and consolidated a number of smart tips from Parent Hacks. Now, I reveal to you our household's approach to medications.

I put a blank mailing label, post-it, or piece of paper on the actual medication. I don't ever cover the Rx label with anything I can't easily remove. I write the dosing instructions in easily read letters on either the bottle or the top of the paper (Sharpies don't work on all bottles- especially cold ones).

On the bottle or paper I keep a log (day, date, and time) of doses given.

I used to keep a separate log on the front of the fridge, but I always forgot to update it when I gave the dose. Now, I have the log in-hand as soon as I grab the bottle.

The on-board log makes it a lot easier for others to track, avoids double-dosing, and travels with the medicine automatically. It also keeps things clearer when more than one kid needs medicine (I then write their name on the sheet too).

How do you organize your household's medicines?

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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Transit of Venus! Happening very soon!

Pinhole viewer: great for crowds
Venus is about to cross between us and the sun. It won't be an eclipse as Venus is tiny compared to our central star, but- with the proper viewing equipment (don't blind yourself looking at the actual sun)- you can be among the seventh group of people in recorded history to see this cosmic event.

Google to find a local viewing site. You have until sundown (if you're in the US)- unless you want to wait until the next occurrence in 2117 (which will require some hardcore health innovations or a time machine).

This is only the SEVENTH viewing opportunity since the first astronomer recorded sighting it in 1639! Captain Cook sailed halfway around the world in hopes of seeing it.

Be there and be rare.

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