Saturday, May 16, 2009

Beautiful URLs: Some Favorite Links

A few favorite links from this week:
  • Why I Feed Formula at adjunctmom reminds me why judging other moms, especially strangers, is bad business. This article resonates with me because I was hospitalized during Ranger's first year. While I had to completely curtail breastfeeding for my own survival, Jim and Ranger struggled with cold turkey weaning. Those were dark, sad, trying days for our family, yet they are nothing compared to adjunctmom's experience. (related: The Boob Wars)
  • Young Americans Losing Their Religion (ABC News): Robert Putnam, author of Bowling Alone, presents his new research regarding a distinctive move away from faith communities in America starting with Gen X. The reasons for the change are interesting, though probably not startling to those in and after Gen X. Are we on the cusp of "religious innovation" as Putnam suggests? Either way, his observations seem like a roadmap for someone wanting to grow a younger faith community.
  • Dot @ is a great blog about drawing, art, and kids. Dabbled is a wealth of great ideas and generousity. Last year we used her wonderful copyleft robot invitations and art for Ranger's 3rd birthday and adapted her sweet bots to fondant for Ranger's cake. She's running an awesome contest to win 500 postcards of your own design from All you have to do is comment with a creative use for self-printed postcards. Enter now, the contest ends very soon (Monday)! If you win, send us a postcard!
  • If I haven't accosted you in person already, every parent should read Malcolm Gladwell's newest book Outliers. I read it during those first early AM feedings with the Raptor. Even if you haven't read it, you should check out Gladwell's recent New Yorker article on How David Beats Goliath. Jim and I classify it among parenting must-reads like Po Bronson's How Not to Talk to Your Kids.
  • Offline, if you have the June issue of Parents Magazine, please turn to page 76 and see Jeremiah and Zella of Z Recommends. As a friend observed, it's pretty cool to see a blogging dad mentioned with the likes of Brad Pitt and Jack Black.
What do you think? What posts have caught your eye and imagination this week?


Chief Family Officer said...

Thanks especially for the link to the sunflower butter cookie recipe - Tyler is allergic, so this is great! (The permalink is broken though, I had to click on the blog name link.)

adrienne said...

Thanks for the heads up, Cathy!

The link is now fixed.

Dot said...

Great stuff, I'll have to check out.. (I'm SO behind on my blog reading!)

Thanks for linking over to Dabbled :)