Saturday, May 30, 2009

Beautiful URLs: Some Favorite Links, May 30

Bewitching perspectives from around the web:
  • Handkerchiefs are pretty handy with kids, so I usually carry one or two in my bag. This easily folded doll (The Common Room) turns out to be their killer app for the Raptor. She loves to pull and chew on these little gals. I'm having trouble figuring out the guy instructions, so if anyone figures it out, please send me a picture.
  • Don't miss the opportunity to send your handmade doll to Casa Bernabe Orphanage in Nicaragua in Craft Hope's second project. There's still enough time to meet the June 13th arrival date, but the dolls will need to be in the mail soon.
What do you think? Seen any great posts lately?


Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

good links. i still hate the apgar score. i suppose if you have a child with a low one, you always will dislike the numbering process. even when we checked out of the hospital, they said to expect developmental delays as the apgar indicates. so far, none that i can see...but, it can be scary to given a number before you even really know your child. i have mixed feelings on it.

snarflemarfle said...

I love the litte hanky doll! I found these instructions that make a little different doll, but similar idea:

I'm kinda lost on the last step or so of the guy's instructions that you posted, too. I'll have to go get a hanky and try it ou!

Francie said...

Just looked up the Bittman article on freezing: Supercool! Thanks for sharing!!!

My fridge is sooo loaded right now that I certainly should freeze something. I had a good experience with freezing black beans. My recipes for black bean quesadillas only use a third of a can. Seems I can manage to make a double-batch, but never a triple-batch. So I would keep the last third in the fridge & it would stink in a very short time. Hooray for learning to freeze them! Also, I learned from Melissa about a crockpot recipe resource which I've used to hydrate dried beans. See -- she also recommended freezing beans after the hydration, which I tried successfully!