Sunday, July 01, 2007

Geek Out: A Bib Worth Coding For

I'm not exactly sure why I was cruising the baby section of Etsy, but it's probably no surprise as I've been reading forums all week seeing people make Muppet heads to hold glasses, elephant tea cozies, and the like. My lack of time for things homemade has translated into online browsing.

While at Etsy, I found a wonderful shop where they have what I believe may be the geekiest bib ever:Yes, that is program code (we think it's C network programming- it's hard to tell from the pictures). It's chenille backed and $8. Truly a great gift for the geek parent in your life (unlike kids, parents actually see the bibs while in use).

Jen, the mom behind Colby Lane Designs, has the same print in black and white, as well as a keyboard print that isn't up on the shop yet. She may even be able to get a cool motherboard print if we prevail upon her. He fabric choices are different and charming ranging from tadpoles (which look sweet while showing the growth stages of the pre-froggies) to lawn gnomes to retro Jell-o molds (and I cannot neglect to mention the awesome hedgehogs).

She can also make burp cloths (3/$19.99) and baby blankets ($25) from many of the fabrics shown.

The Computer Code bib in black is presently showing as out of stock (I just bought the last one in stock), so contact her through Etsy messaging if you want one (I already checked, she would be happy to make more).

Baby Toolkit has no relationship (other than being customers and fans of) Colby Lane Designs or Etsy and has received no compensation for this unsolicited review.


Anonymous said...

Our small geek has this:

Which I think might be popular at your house too.

Sarah said...

Thank you for posting this! We have a thing about gnomes in our house and Baby J would be the talk of the family in that bib!

adrienne said...

Don't miss CLD's sold items listingsto see some of the fabrics Jen's recently used (she may have more- it definitely worth asking if you see something you love!)

Anonymous said...

My inner geek just loves this!!ww

adrienne said...

The bibs came today. They are fabulous!

The code is indeed C networking code.