Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Drink Healthy: Zrecs Offers An Extensive Primer to Polycarbonate Baby Bottles

Back when polycarbonate bottles became a major concern in our household, I was so frustrated not to find a website that cataloged major manufacturer baby bottles as polycarbonate and non-polycarbonate.

Our friends Jenni and Jeremiah at Z Recommends have put an immense amount of time into creating the polycarbonate baby bottle directory of my dreams at

Seriously, this list should be made available to every pregnant woman creating a baby registry. It was a generous labor of love for the McNichols as Miss Z is way past needing bottles.

Their sippy cup showdown of BPA-free bottles is similarly excellent information for toddler parents.


Anonymous said...

Aha! I was looking for something this explicit.

Very helpful!!!

Thank you for pointing the way~

archiesgirl said...

Yes, Thanks for linking this! I have been looking for a resource like this.

BB said...

An easy way to identify anything made of polycarbonate is to look at the recycling number on the bottom of the bottle. #7 designates polycarbonate plastic.