Thursday, June 04, 2009

Look at You, Nancy Drew! Goody's ColourCollection Headbands

One of the great pleasures of visiting my grandparents' house was reading the old Nancy Drew books kept on a guest room shelf. Among her many virtues, the girl detective could really sport a headband.

I, on the other hand, either got crushing headaches or watched them slowly migrate to the back of my head throughout the day. Any attempt to change the band's backwards progression resulted in a faux bouffant that was anything but stylish (even in the 80s).

In college, I tried using scarves as headbands, but they too would slink off in the course of a few hours.

I gave up on headbands entirely, keeping one of each style in case I should ever foolishly convince myself that they would work.

When Goody offered to send some of their ColourCollection skinny headwraps, I was pretty sure that they would be another style to stick in my expanding box of rejects. The package of six came hours before game night, so I offered one to each of my five guests.

One mom immediately declared the headband too tight and handed it back to me within minutes.

Everyone else was pleased to try them.

Like the aforementioned friend, I initially found the headband snug. This isn't a surprise as my head is about an inch larger than most large women's hats. As the evening progressed, the accessory relaxed enough to accomodate, but not so much that it abandoned its duties. It was atually comfortable, but I suspected that pliability was a harbinger of future stretching. Over two months later, I realize those fears were unnecessary.

I wear one of the headbands daily, and it when it is not in my hair, I usually have it looped three times around my wrist.

My mom is happy as it is one of the first times she's not perpetually asking me to pull my hair out of my face. I'm happy because my hair doesn't blind me in strong wind or whenever I look down. The skinny headwrap also attracts compliments about my hair (to which I am rather unaccustomed); many people (included Jim) have complimented my recent haircut (last haircut was Dec. 2008) and my new style.

The headbands are inexpensive (6 for $3.99), so I don't worry if I lose one under the bed or in the car. Their elastic keeps them in place, so don't require much primping or attention.

One friend reports that her petite 8-year-old daughter often wears the headband. This friend's very gorgeous naturally curly hair pushes the headband forward on her, but she really likes using it looped as a ponytail holder.

Most of my friends still wear their headbands regularly. As for me, I'm planning on getting a new pack (in brunette) soon.

Fine print: Baby Toolkit received six promotional headbands ($4 value) from Goody. We have no undisclosed relationship with or financial interest in Goody Products, Inc.. We're not hair professionals (stop laughing, already); we're just geek parents with opinions.


Lynnette said...

Where can we find these online? I'm growing out my hair and I think a headband might come in handy. Thanks so much!!! :)

Christy said...

I LOVE these headbands. I have been using them for months now at the gym to keep my frizzy "baby hair" from getting in my face. I can pull my hair into a ponytail, but these short hairs that frame my face drive me nuts. These headbands stay in my hair thanks to the grippy bumps that hold them in place. I love that they are brown too...less obtrusive.