Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Get the Most Out of Black Friday: Buy Nothing!

One of Jim's and my favorite holiday traditions is Buy Nothing Day. In the late 90s we started reading Adbusters, and something about BND really captured our imagination. It's subversive and creative. MTV won't even air Buy Nothing Day's paid ads. (See them below if you're curious what kind of thinking offends the people who make Jackass and the Osbournes)

We're looking forward to a relaxing day of friends, food, and games. For me, that's way better than any doorbuster deal.

Happy Thanksgiving!

thanks for the reminder, Judy!


Anonymous said...

My family joins you on Buy Nothing Friday! And instead of fighting traffic, waiting in lines in crowded stores, and buying things we will be spending time together at home!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this link. I can see why MTV won't play - after I watched it a couple of times, I thought, "I could make IBND for myself a couple of days a month", and I'm sure since most people could as well, it would really hit consumer margins.

Can't believe I missed the official one this year. Will get on board for next year. Thanks again for pointing this out.

Brenna said...

did the videos get banned? They're not available anymore.

adrienne said...

Hi Brenna-

I have no idea why they're missing.

You can see them on adbuster's site as well.