Monday, November 19, 2007

Crafting with Crayons

Vegbee's gorgeous crayon shavings projects remind me of crafts my mom organized during my childhood. My brother and I would usually send our finished projects to our far-flung relatives.

I have some good memories of watching my mom iron sometime similar on a sunny winter afternoon.

Here are the Martha Stewart instructions Vegbee used.

What crafts projects do you remember? Which ones do your kids like?

Vegbee's "Time Change Madness' mobile is a great reflection of our house's post-time change nap chaos.

Anyone else hating the time change?


archiesgirl said...

These are truly lovely! I will have to try making some of these. I don't remember making these as a child but I do remember lots of other crafts. I look forward to when my son is old enough to try some of these. We tried some finger paint this weekend but the recipe I used didn't work out so well. My Son had lots of fun though!

I also hate the time change! Ugh now it is dark so early. :(

Anna said...

Well, I didn't make them as a child, but I did make heart-shaped ones for Valentine's day a few years ago - I hung strands of staggered hearts all across my studio's sole window. It looked great with the light shining through! Now you've got me wanting to make something for Hanukah decor with the crayon shavings....

Crafts and Gift Guru Gal said...

I love these and with crayon shavings? I would have never thought. Will give this a try soon. Thank you once again.

Homespun Mama said...

I love crafting with crayon shavings. I too have fond memories of crafting with my mother when I was young with crayon shavings. Thanks for the post!

Dot said...

I so remember these... and these such a lovely updated version, a little nicer than what I remember creating as a kid..