Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mother's Day Wrap-Up: Please Comment

Ah- the cards have been opened, and Mother's Day, 2007 is now a thing of the past.

How did your Mother's Day go? What worked well and what didn't? Did you find a gift that really made the momma in your life swoon/celebrate or did she just give you angry looks all day?

For the sake of posterity and future family harmony, please reflect on your Mother's Day experiences here. This will give kids and dads some ideas for when the date rolls around next year.

Our Mother's Day:

Jim and Ranger let me sleep in as late as possible (which was nice as we had to travel for a family event). When I got up and was ready to go, so was Ranger. Jim had made breakfast and cleaned up entirely (so there weren't dishes waiting when we got home). They woke me with two sweet cards (one from Ranger and one from Jim) and had my Leatherman Micra engraved. This was really lovely; they did very well.

We gave our moms framed prints of the pencil portrait of Jim and Ranger by the very talented Maggie Burns. These were very well received by both moms. I gave my mom a Leatherman, but didn't have it engraved as she was unsure she would use it. She's already used it often, so I may get it engraved for her birthday. Jim's mom was also given some nice matte finish photos (desk and wallet sizes) of Ranger and his cousin playing at Grandma's house on our last visit.

Modeling entirely off a very generous and caring friend, I also gave a simple card and prints(desk and wallet) of the same photo to my Sister-In-Law for Mother's Day. It's the first time I've given a Mother's Day card or gift to someone not a blood relative (I've stuck to mothers, grandmothers, and aunts), and it was well received.

Our whole family had an enjoyable, low-key day.


KRC said...

That sounds terrific!

This was my first mother's day, and I hope next year I can just stay home. The travel and hassle was too much. I agree with you on keeping the present giving to just family, as there are a lot of women in our family and this is getting to be too much like Christmas.som

neshura said...

I gave my mother some of my favorite audiobooks for her longer trips on the road (she commutes).

Myself, I received my favorite Aveda soap and shampoo and a loving handwritten card from my beloved. My mother-in-law bought me 8 bags of compost to build my new herb garden; I gave her some native butterfly-attracting shrubs.

Personally -- not a fan of mother-themed gifts. I hope never to receive peapod necklaces, charm bracelets, a mom tattoo, t-shirt, ashtray, picture frame, etc.

Mainly this is philosophical, inasmuch as I like to think I'm a person, a woman, and a human being with interests and hobbies beyond children.

Anonymous said...

Oh, we had a lovely day. My kids and husband let me sleep late and woke me with a breakfast of sliced peaches, toast with cinnamon butter, and grits - my 6 year old daughter picked the menu. They got me a wonderful handmade bracelet with my kids' names on it. It was a replacement for one I had received after my daughter was born, but had lost a few years ago. Now, my son's name was added to it. And a mushy card from my daughter that made me cry, a funny one from my son, and another mushy one from my husband.

Unlike Neshura, I adore gifts that reference my kids. I agree that I'm more than a mom, but that is my top priority in life, and I like to see that honored. To each her own and all that.

We took our moms to Shakertown for lunch, and wandered around with the kids. A wonderful day, all in all.

Anonymous said...

My husband grudgingly got up first. I got two little herb planters (which I believe were kids' Mother's Day projects from the local home improvement stores).

I'm a bit disappointed. It's not that I want a big gift, but I would like something lasting. I asked for a stepping stone with the girls' hand prints in it or a rose bush and a stargazer lily (our girls each have a flower name). A homemade card would have been nice too. I'm a sucker for cards and I didn't get any.

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