Sunday, November 25, 2018

Hello World 2.0

When I read Asha’s call for a return to commonplace blogging, it was like the voice in my head had found an external locus.  The desire for that written conversation among friends never really left me.

When Google Reader shuttered in 2013, I cast about for a replacement. Most of my friends turned to Facebook as a feed aggregator and blog substitute, but that wasn’t for me.  I’d purposefully left FB in 2010 after recognizing that it was a platform that just was not healthy for me.

Apple II c monitor showing Hello World program in BASIC.
Image by Bill Bradford (mrbill), Creative Commons, (c) 2006
 some rights reserved.

Back in 2013, Rogue was a toddler with extra medical stuff going on.  I was generally overwhelmed just keeping up with household stuff, so writing became a few letters to friends and snark on Twitter.  Writing on paper was a welcome relief because I could write without self-editing as much knowing the single reader for whom it was intended.  And I could discuss things that would never have made it to the blog.

So it’s 2018, and I’m digging out of a long funk.  My iron levels have been declining for years, and motivation was hard to find.  Even assembling words to express myself had become difficult.

This August, I had a endometrial ablation (Minerva) because I could no longer fight the everyday exhaustion and meet life commitments.  Things seem to be back on course as my skin tone regains its color and I no longer wake every day cursing the morning and the day’s demands.

I am still working up the courage (and the hemoglobin) to resume blood donation.  This will be the real moment where I know if the procedure helped.  If I go in too soon, and get turned away yet again for low iron, I may need someone to drive me home because I’m sure I will break down.

I still don’t have a good feed aggregator, but I’m sure there has to be something wonderful that’s popped up in the past five years, right?  Google Plus, you say?  No, seriously, help a girl out with some recommendations.

My wonderful friend (and mentor) Ray Otus recently did a Plundergrounds podcast episode on Imposter Syndrome and how it can derail creative pursuits.  Listening to the episode motivated me to commit more to the creative inquiries that feed my life. (Plundergrounds is mostly a Role Playing Game podcast and zine, but this episode is for everyone.)

So, hello world. I’ve missed you.  Let’s see where this goes.

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Anonymous said... feels pretty much exactly the same as Google Reader to me. Their phone app was pretty good as was Reeder

tayknight said...

Feedly works fine, even the free version. I was a heavy Reader user. I'm pretty satisfied with Feedly. I pay for the Pro version because it gives me search. I have hundreds of feeds in my profile (including yours) and it refreshes quickly and performs well.

Brian said...

I switched to Feedly and your feed is still in there, even after the break!The free version does all I want and had been very reliable ever since Google Reader shut down.

Brian said...

I switched to Feedly when Google Reader shut down. The free version does all I need and your feed is still there, even after taking a break.

Lewis said...

I use Inoreader for monitoring my feeds. The free version is enough for my needs, but they also have a paid version with more options.

Belated thanks for your audiobooks post. They were great choices and my kids and I really enjoyed them on our car trip. If you haven't checked out The Story Pirates podcast, that's another great way to pass the time in the car; it is so funny!

I hope your health continues to improve and that your renewed interest in blogging helps too. Keep it up!

anne nahm said...

Hellllloooooo! I am glad to see you again!