Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Teacher gifts: Have a sweet summer!

To show our appreciation to the people who helped Ranger have great first year in Kindergarten, I printed some clip art on card stock so Ranger could make thank you notes.

As with our Thanks-a-latte teacher gifts, we tucked in a small value gift card. This time we chose Sonic (a modern take on the ice-cream drive-in complete with roller-skating car hops) because of its summery menu.

Ranger wanted to give thank yous to his "specials" instructors (art, music, library) as well as his classroom teacher, aide, and bus driver. When I thought about it, those people will probably be a part of his education for years to come and they probably aren't often remembered at holidays or the end of the year. He ended up writing the same simple message over a half dozen times and we ran out of time to color the all the cards.

Next year I will print the line art first, then have him write his message and color the card. Then I'll scan and print the completed card for all the recipients which he can personalize and sign individually.

I also wrote a note in the cover of each card to let the teacher know how much Jim and I appreciated his or her efforts during the year.

I hope they like ice cream.

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