Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Warm greetings: Craft Hope Project 6 (finally) in the mail

With our snowy weather, I haven't made it much further than sled can carry me lately. It's not so much the fear of winter roads that keeps me home. It's more a fear of other drivers on winter roads. Preschool gets canceled when the public schools have a 2 hour delay, so we've had little reason to go out.

Ranger, the Raptor, and I ventured out to the post office today to mail (late) our fuzzy contributions to Craft Hope's initiative for the Orphan Foundation of America's Red Scarf program. Knitters, the star scarf pattern (left scarf) is quite lovely and makes a dense scarf (perfect for cold climates). The twin rib pattern is incredibly fast to knit and easy to remember. These scarves work well for either gender.

The Raptor found the photo's background dull, so she sprinkled some Cheerios around for a more visually compelling backdrop.

***Baby Toolkit is the independent opinion of two Midwestern geeks with ever-increasing snow-shoveling experience. We should level up any day. (c) Baby Toolkit, 2010, some rights reserved


Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

Those are great! Good job! I am sure they will be appreciated.

Dot said...

I totally LOVE your disclaimer!

Francie said...

What a fun photo of your scarves. And how thoughtful of the Raptor to add cheerios to the background! My children would agree that adding cheerios makes everything better -- tee hee!

Good for you in creating and blessing others with these scarves! From one of your soooo-non-crafty friends & admirers!