Monday, March 09, 2009

When the Walls Came Tumbling Down: Toys R Us Injures Mom, Then Acts Like It Doesn't Matter

When it comes to plastic safety and baby bottles, it's hard to find any resource that rivals Z Recommends. Even though their own child no longer used bottles, Jenni and Jeremiah McNichols dedicated countless hours to offering parents BPA information previously unreported, unconsolidated, and impossible to find (I know, I looked).

These consumer advocates changed the way many of us consider plastic use with our children and their often-cited BPA reports (and resulting consumer reaction) seem to be altering the behavior of giant corporations as 6 more major bottle manufacturers declare plans to phase out BPA offerings.

Well, the McNichols had a family trip to Toys R Us that changed all their lives. Jenni was seriously injured in a situation that should be safe. Then Toys R Us (local and corporate) gave her the run-around when it came to medical bills and health problems.

We rarely ever darken the door of our local Toys R Us, it's usually a zoo of unhappy parents and tantrum-throwing children. In our infrequent visits, I have expected the facilities to be safe for children and adults. It's horrifying to think that a person can be injured like Jenni and then given the run around. Instead of apology and concern for a family's well-being, Toys R Us added frustration and insult to Jenni's serious injury.

Please keep an eye out for safety hazards in public places and insistently report any you see to management to prevent incidents of this kind.

And watch your back in Toys R Us, apparently it's wrong to assume that a store catering to children would have higher standards of safety and maintenance.


Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

That picture is horrible. So scary. Thank goodness mom was in there to protect wee one...I have a 4 yr old who frequently goes in the stall by herself and takes care of business....Imagine that door on a 4 yr old!

Kim Moldofsky said...

Like you, we rarely shop there. We usually only go there to redeem a giftcard or exchange a gift. I'm one of the crabby parents. As low as my customer service expectations are, there staff manages to disappoint me.

I'm sorry to read about Jeremiah's wife. I'm going to send him a note.

Anonymous said...

This is horrible! We were in a Buy Buy Baby store recently and used their nursing room. I was appalled when I found an exposed outlet right next to the rocking chair. My infant could have reached it while sitting in my lap. Shouldn't baby stores be baby safe?