Monday, January 05, 2009

Jones Lexicon: Outlining Chaos

Favorite phrase (stolen wholesale from Jeremiah of Zrecs):

blog clean (blg kln)
v. blog cleaned, blog clean-ing, blog cleans
  1. clearing a small space to be in the background of a photo
    Usage: Help me blog clean the table so I can finish this post.
  1. clarity, surrounded by a sea of chaos and detritis
    Usage: I can't get this place blog clean even with a shovel and a hand grenade.
So- how are things with you?


Christy said...

Oh how I feel this way every time I take a photo! ;)

Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

Oh man, I'm SO there! Except there's also the "in-law clean" which involves shoving stuff into bedrooms and shutting doors when they come to call. :)

adrienne said...


We use the term scurryfunge for that process (see the end of our post on slacker wrapping paper for more information on this word which, I swear, we did not make up).

Kim Moldofsky said...

You get a break because of the baby. But by summertime, I'm expecting a blog clean photo.

Happy new year!