Sunday, April 20, 2008

Toy Rotation & Rainy Days

Amy's awesome and cost-effective rainy day kit on Mom Advice reminded me that not only tires need rotation. Toys should be rotated too.

Before Ranger's birth, a friend advised me to rotate toys in and out of storage. She would put away toys when her kids' interests waned and pull them out a few weeks later to renewed interest. We adopted this habit with some of Ranger's larger playsets (a Little People castle which he peoples with pudgy plastic farm animals and a Weeble Three Bears set).

I really need to start thinking about toy rotation more now that our house's shared spaces teem with toys that only receive minimal play time. It's also a good way to filter out toys that are no longer age appropriate.

I'm drawn to Hedra's toy library concept at Parent Hacks although it requires organizing one of our house's black hole storage spaces.

What are your solutions?


Anonymous said...

I think children's books should be rotated too. Last week I switched out the books for my little girl, putting some away and setting out some fresh ones. This might have been more for me, since there were a few I could really use a break from after reading them over and over! -Rachel

Amy said...

Thank you so much for including me- I was just reading through some of your entries and noticed that I was included on here. Thank you SO much! Happy Mother's Day!