Friday, February 15, 2008

Cleft in Twain: Recycled Shower Curtain Splat Mats

Okay, the title really gives away the whole idea. Rather than using a flimsy, disposable, wipe-clean splat mat under our high chair, we opted to vertically cut an old waterproof shower curtain in half. The result is durable and cheap splat mat.

The best feature of a shower curtain splat mat (other than fact it lays pretty flat on the floor and doesn't bunch up) is machine wash-ability. Add a half cup baking soda to the wash load and a couple towels or sweatshirts (for friction), and air dry. Do not use bleach or detergents with bleach.

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea. I think I use one to protect the floor under the easel.

adrienne said...
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adrienne said...


What a great idea! I've avoided easels, but your idea makes them seem a lot more manageable.

Anonymous said...

This would also work for an entryway, when bringing muddy children, pets and humans inside.

adrienne said...

Kara- you're right!

Also- as carpet & furniture guards when there's high chance of barf.

Anonymous said...

Old shower curtains also make great drop clothes for painting and other projects.