Monday, August 04, 2008

Sign of the Times: Kid's Name Signs from a Recycled Origami Calendar

Mimi & Moe's Mom found a great use for some origami paper from one of those page-a-day calendars. She's made some really cute kid's name signs for Moe and many friends (Mimi already had a super-deluxe sign for her room from an earlier project). I know it's just an excuse to use a power drill and glitter, but the end products are fabulous.

While you're visiting her site- check out these awesome crocheted watches she made for the kids!

Does anyone have an idea where she could find more clock buttons?

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Anonymous said...

Hello.This is first time for me to visit your site.
I have three children (6year-old boy,4year-old boy,2year-old girl)
It is nice idea to make kids name plate by recycled origami.
I'm happy if you link to my site.It is written in Japanese(some of the words are English) but show pictures.
baratch family