Thursday, August 02, 2007

Youthful Perspective: Kids' Photography Contest

Is there an under-13 photographer in your house? If so, check out the "A Little Perspective" photo contest hosted by 3 great photo and family bloggers. Submissions are accepted through August 10th. I wrote a bit more about it on Parent Hacks.

Check out the contest gallery to see all the great shots being submitted.

Looking for a graphic, I plundered my photo albums from 1983. While this photo stands as evidence of my own limited photo skills, the album itself is a very cool time capsule of the 80s. I often think of that time as much like now, only with shaggier carpet and lots of bad perms. It was funny how much I'd forgotten.


Anonymous said...

You talked me into it. I think I'm gonna get a disposable camera (or maybe I have an old 35mm laying around) and let A&W have at it!

Anonymous said...

Love the photo from your youth, Adrienne! :) Thanks for sharing the fun!

MetaMommy said...

On a totally unrelated note, I'm passing the Rockin' Girl Blogger onto you.

tracey clark said...

thanks for the mention!!!