Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Keep It Together: Metal Tin Manicure Kit Corralls Small Utensils

Some hacks have been around so long that you forget they aren't common practices. This organization hack comes from my parents' home, and it saves me a lot of searching for small toiletry utensils

Ever find yourself looking desperately for tweezers or nail clippers in a cluttered drawer or cabinet?

Small metal tins work wonders keeping items contained. I especially like the metal Band-Aid tins, but they seem to be hard to locate these days.

The tins with hinged lids are best for bathroom drawer storage (as long as they stay dry). I use an Altoids tin for safety pins, hair pins & elastics, and extra buttons.

They're great for travel, easy to locate in drawers, puncture proof, and they make me want to put things back when I'm finished.

A motivated hacker with a power drill and a utilitarian sense of style could combine these with a magnetic knife holder for colorful, versatile, out-of-baby's-reach, off-the-counter bathroom storage.

How do you battle chaos in the bathroom cabinets? Maxwell's demon?

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