Wednesday, September 15, 2010

All Is Quiet On The Blogging Front

Mario meets the Mad Hatter
Just in case you were worrying: We didn't slip down any rabbit holes during GenCon Indy nor were we abducted by legions of stormtroopers.

Why the recent radio silence, you ask?

As bloggers, Jim and I have tried to keep a separation between parts of our lives (especially in respecting the privacy of those close to us) and what we post.  This summer, that undisclosed part of our lives has been a series of challenges and revelations.  My mind became a contemplative space.  As a result, I kept writing posts about our normal content that felt formulaic, cheesy, or out of touch.  In my opinion, those writings simply were not worth posting.  Even our 4th blogaversary passed unmentioned.

Recently Baby Toolkit's siren's song has returned to my ears.  This summer Jim and I have found a host of things we want to write about.  I really want to tell you about Ranger's birthday cake and let you peek into our geeks' eye view of GenCon.  This has been a banner year for new books and games as publishers put out some surprisingly wonderful new products for preschoolers.  I'm reading a book on baby cognitive development that is fresh and inspiring even for a seasoned parent.  A new compilation album is rocking our world.  We also have some new projects and household solutions.

Thank you for subscribing and sticking with us through the quiet times.  Your good faith is strong motivation to return to the keyboard.

***Baby Toolkit is two geeks' tale of parenting young children in a complicated and ever-fascinating world. We send our best wishes to others currently battling the dragons of offline life.


indywriter said...

Welcome back! I was beginning to worry.*

*I totally channeled my mom right there... sorry.

Chief Family Officer said...

Your posts are always worth waiting for :)

And I totally understand what you mean about privacy. I try so hard not to write anything that anyone might find hurtful, now or in the future (my children especially). It does limit what I can share, but worth it to me.

I can't wait to read what you've got to say, whenever you say it!

Francie said...

@Adrienne: Did Ranger find the Mad Hatter pictured to be a bit scary? Any chance he'll be a certain plumber character for Halloween again this yr? I love when my own kids want to reuse a costume from a previous year!

@Kimberly N: FYI, we have purchased the version of Settlers of Catan made for younger game-players. Our children have had mixed responses to the game although they really enjoy handling the little pieces (instead of resource cards each player collects grain, trees & bricks that are sort of like Lincoln Logs pieces). Hooray for future days when our kids are old enough to play Settlers of Catan with their Moms & Dads. This Mommy for one misses her chance to play more often!!!

adrienne said...

Francie, I don't think I could stop him from reusing last year's costume if I wanted to.

He loves being America's most loved video game hero.