Friday, December 11, 2009

More Muppets: Ringing of the Bells

I'm stifling the urge to wake the Raptor (the biggest Muppet maniac in the household). A new Muppet video was released tonight, and it rocks.

The Nerdist observes "this wave of new vids make the Muppets feel like The Muppet Show again."

Muppet Studios' YouTube channel is well worth a subscription.

***Baby Toolkit is the independent opinion of a couple of geek parents. We have no financial interest in or relationship with the Muppets or their parent company (who we actively dislike). However back in 1990, Adrienne did pull off the expressway to cry after hearing of Jim Henson's untimely death.


Baby Food Grinder said...

I have fond memories of The Muppets from many years ago. I'd like to think my son will get as much pleasure from them as I did in my early years. Will definitely be subscribing to the YouTube channel


Aimee said...

I so loved The Muppets, especially the Swedish Chef.