Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A Heart Full of Love: Crayon Decorations

My chandelier is decked out for Valentine's Day... 2008. When last year's cupcake decorating party got snowed out, I left the wax paper and crayon hearts up.

Periodically Ranger would request a heart to play with, but otherwise, the hearts still dangle above the infrequently used table (the dining room has cream colored carpet- what were they thinking?).

This crayon craft is one I remember fondly from childhood, and it would be fun with older preschoolers and early elementary kids (though an adult will need to operate the iron).

Martha Stewart offers instructions, and Vegbee offers practical tips and further inspiration.

A similar toddler-friendly decoration could be made by with tissue paper and contact paper (cut the paper frames in a heart shape).

While I'm not a consistant holiday observer, this year seems a great opportunity for simple acts of celebration. Their warm cheer is a welcome contrast to a chilly midwinter.

Thank you, Parent Hacks, for shaking this idea loose from my crowded cranium.

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