Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tube Popsicle Hacks: Inspiration from the Freezer

Friday is fast becoming a day of inspiration for me- and it keeps happening in my friend's kitchen.

It turns out my friend is a second-generation practitioner of the cut-the-tube-popsicle-in-half approach (coincidentally featured recently on Parent Hacks).

She didn't however know my mom's practice of running the popsicle under water to seperate it from the plastic wrap. This makes the ice a lot easier for toddlers (and clumsy adults like myself) to push without shooting it across the room.

Another smart friend pointed out that a tube popsicle wrapped in paper towel is a subtle way to apply ice to an injured hand.

We love the electrolyte popsicles (by companies like Pedialyte) for inspiring rehydration during illness (particularly during barf-fests when kids can refuse to eat).

If anyone knows of some freezer pops without high fructose corn syrup, I love to hear about them.

***This is the independent of opinion of the geek parents at Baby Toolkit. We're not doctors, so go somewhere respectable for actual medical advice. Despite the wisdom of the hacks listed above, we do not promise that anti-freeze blue Fla-vor-ice won't still end up staining your (or your friend's) upholstered kitchen chair. Again, let me offer my heartfelt apologies about that, K-.

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Anonymous said...

Make your own! Buy some popsicle moulds and fill the tips with something like stewed apple/prune and then natural yoghurt. Mmmm.