Friday, May 30, 2014

Life-saver: Liquid Benadryl, stock it for emergencies

Eyes & lips as swelling reduced. 30 min. after dose.
It's the first week of summer vacation here, so no one expects anything very exciting to happen. We're all reveling in the lovely slowness of life without deadlines.

The placid nature of post-school living made it even more surprising when my friend's son came to her this morning complaining that his eye hurt. Minutes later, his lips, tongue, eyes, and hands were swelling beyond easy recognition.

Somehow, between his bed and a breakfast of the same cereal he regularly eats, this kid with no known allergies was exposed to something that triggered a huge immune response.

His mom, a medical professional, grabbed their liquid Benadryl and "practically poured" the recommended dose down the back of his throat. Almost immediately the swelling stopped increasing, so she didn't have to call 911 and he didn't end up with an emergency tracheotomy or worse.

Later in the morning and after consulting with his pediatrician, as the swelling reduced, she took these pictures (which she is allowing me to share here). Her son is a handsome, slim 8 year-old.

Lips, fingertips swollen 30 min. AFTER Benadryl.
Then my friend started calling other parents reminding us to keep liquid Benadryl on hand to abate an allergy emergency. [For those with known allergies, this may not be enough. Please consult medical professionals, which I am not, for advice.]

I don't have any on hand at the moment, but will have some in stock by this evening.

For years, I have carried aspirin in my bag because it can help reduce the damage of a heart attack or stroke (chew it in case of an emergency). Liquid Benadryl may not make my bag (though I plan to talk to my pediatrician about other forms), but I will be sure to have some on the ready at home.

What are your emergency medical supplies?

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Pirate Ninja Mommy said...

Using Amazon just for the ease of reference, but you can buy Benadryl Children's Perfect Measure Pre-Filled Single Use Antihistamine Spoons in many pharmacies.

Pirate Ninja Mommy said...

I take it back. Benadryl Children's Perfect Measure is currently unavailable anywhere, per the Benadryl website. That's a shame!

Pirate Ninja Mommy said...

Aha -- here's the replacement. Fast melt tablets are probably a better solution anyhow if an airway is closing.

h said...

I carry benadryl but also injectable epinephrine. Remember that benadryl does not stop a reaction. So glad the young man was okay!!!

adrienne said...

hsw: Of course, you're right. This won't work fast enough for anaphylaxis. Here are Mayo Clinic's First Aid recommendations for anaphylaxis:

h said...

Walgreen's or CVS make a generic for the spoons that I have seen.

Jennifer (aka Hint Mama) said...

I just added band-aids and neosporin to my diaper bag this weekend. My tot walked into a brick wall on Friday and scratched up her face, and I didn't have any first aid gear with me - lesson learned the hard way.