Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Congratulations, Kim!

Our last copy of ScreamFree Parenting was won by Kim of Hormone Colored Days, Scrambled CAKE, and a couple other blog projects. I met Kim at BlogHer where we talked about food and parent blogging over lunch one day. Her allergy tips for the classroom are great for parents of young kids with food allergies.

Kim, in what can only be considered good karma, is hosting a PMS Survival Kit giveaway at her blog this week. This kit is loaded with delicious plunder from her journey through the All Candy Expo trade fair as well as other goodies. Stop by and enter; maybe you can win the deliciousness!


Kim Moldofsky said...

So excited I won the book; thanks!
And thanks for the shout out. I'll send a few organic candies your way even if you don't win :-)

Kim Moldofsky said...

I'm baaaack.

Thanks for the book. I am trying hard to channel my inner calm and be a better role model for my impressionable young 'uns!