Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Geek-a-licious Contest: Put on Your Thinking Caps for Whirlpool's Mother of Invention Grant Contest

Whirlpool is offering a great grant contest for moms with new inventions. The grand prize grant is $20,000 seed money, business boot camp, and a lot of laundry-related appliances.

If you're a mom with a new non-appliance invention you should consider entering. Patents/patents pending are not required (in 2005 none of the inventions were patented, and therefore their inventions couldn't be announced, in 2006 all winners had patents or patents pending). Moms can already be operating a business based on their invention at the time of submission. Sorry dads- this isn't gender biased language- it is a mom-only contest. Now if a mom is involved in the creation of an invention with a non-mom, she can enter it...

Visit Whirlpool's site for all the contest details and submission forms. Submissions must be postmarked by July 30, 2007.

And if anyone ends up with an unwanted high efficiency washing machine, feel free to send it to our house.

Good luck!

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