Saturday, August 26, 2006

LilyPadz- Ditch those disposable nursing pads

Nursing pads are one of the things that I definitely didn't consider before becoming a new mom, but they are one of those necessities that can't be overlooked.

Generally, we avoid disposable things, so I started with the cloth nursing pads because they're better for the budget and the environment. They weren't however very good for my wardrobe or my willingness to be in public, and they were uncomfortable. I tried two major makers and gave up.

Next I tried disposable pads. They definitely kept my clothes drier- unless they moved. Funny, it's hard to keep them in place when you keep opening and closing a nursing bra throughout the day. Plus there was also the problem of what to do with an old one when you find (while publicly nursing) that you need a new one. Stick it under your seat like old gum? No good options came to mind.

The local hospital boutique carried LilyPadz in their lactation merchandise, so I felt they would be safe as a lactation staff had approved them for sale. They prevent leaks rather through constant (though not discomforting pressure). The silicone pads stay in place and "stick" to skin adhering with the slight tackiness of the silicone. They wash beautifully in tap temperatures and mild soap- regaining their tackiness with each washing. I disinfected them with boiling water (per manufacturer's instructions), but was disappointed with the end results. They gained a slight skin on the surface and the silicone felt more grainy rather than smooth. I would probably try disinfecting them with steam in the future (probably in a Medela micro-bag).

I had a great experience with LilyPadz and know many other women who have benefited from their use. Any infant's mother has plenty to occupy herself without public leaks and maintaining an adequate supply of breast pads. It's nice to leave the house in the morning with the only set of pads you'll need all day.

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Anonymous said...

Ahh, this made me so happy to see! I had no idea about these and I am on kiddo # 2! I tried the cloth ones too, and actually they stuck to my nipples making them sore. And in the beginning I was having some problems with sores on my nipples and the cloth pads would actually pull the scabs painful. Yeah that was probably to much info, but I want nursing moms to know to steer clear of cloth nursing pads if you have cracked sore nipples! Anyways I will be getting me some of these...awesome...thanks!